About C.A.R.E.

C.A.R.E. is a community-based indigenous voluntary organization established to help disadvantaged and marginalized youth take advantage of their lives and destinies.

This is achieved through a holistic education programme geared to the promotion of self-empowerment which provides the individual with the opportunity to believe in oneself and with the ability to identify the alternatives in any situation and to choose one of these alternatives on the basis of ones values, priorities and commitment.



In St. Lucia today, there is a large number of our young people who have dropped out of the education system at the age of fifteen find themselves ill-equipped for life. They have a poor self-image, low self-esteem and failure is very much part of their lives. Some are unable to find employment, others “lime” on the block, yet others get hooked on drugs and/or turn to crime and/or violence. Low academic attainment severely limits their opportunities for employment and for taking initiatives and so failure is very much part of their lives. As a result, many of these young people radiate hostility and suspicion and lack of trust because they were never listened to in their cries for help.



The programme aims to foster positive attitudes in young people towards themselves, others, work, and work related situations. Thus empowering them for a more wholesome, independent living. The programme aims to train young people to manage their own holistic development and their developing sexuality, both physical and emotional as they prepare to make their reproductive and parenthood decisions. The programme is also designed to help our youth experience the great love the Supreme Being has for them.



By the end of the programme our adolescents will have achieved:

  • Improved communication and inter-personal skills
  • Greater literacy and numeracy skills
  • A deeper level of self-worth and self-awareness
  • Positive attitudes towards work and work related situations
  • A deep understanding of parenting and family life
  • Practical training in an income-bearing skill



The presentation Brothers, well known as a worldwide teaching congregation, launched the C.A.R.E. project in St. Lucia, in April 1993. Br. Dominic Brunnock who had trained and worked with the very successful Servol Programme in Trinidad, appointed Executive Director, and assisted by Br. Barry Noel also trained at Sevol Trinidad, opened the doors of the first C.A.R.E. centre for a group of sixteen young people at the Marchand Community Centre in Castries, St. Lucia. The demand for the programme was so great that in February, 1994, two additional centres were opened in the Castries area. Up to this point, the programme catered to only phase one of the programme. However, in September, two full-time skills training programmes, Electrical/Air-conditioning and Computer/Office skills were started.

Appeals from the communities outside the Castries area began to flow in. in September 1995, C.A.R.E. was asked to start an Adolescent Development programme (ADP) in Vieux Fort, south of the Island. Also, tow more skills training programmes, Carpentry/Joinery and Garment Construction, were established in the Castries area. This saw the beginning of the first skills only C.A.R.E. centre at Vigie Castries.

In September 1996, skills training in computers, Catering/Food Preparation and Electronics/Small Appliance Repairs were started at the Vieux Fort Centre. The demand continued that same year and saw the commencement of ADP centres in Gros Islet and Anse La Raye.

In 1997 the establishment of the Catering/Hospitality Studies skill in Anse La Raye was realized and in 1998 that was further expanded to include Carpentry/Joinery. 1999 saw the introduction of the Electrical Installation/Refrigeration course also at Anse La Raye. Further expansion took place in the years 2000 and 2001 with the introduction of Arts and Craft and the movement of the Computer/Office skills from the Castries centre to Anse La Raye centre, respectively.

The demand for the programme continued around St. Lucia and in 1999 and ADP centre was opened was officially opened in Canaries and Soufriere in 2001 saw the opening of another ADP centre. In 2002 because of the distance to the nearest skills centre, Soufriere started their skills department establishing a Catering/Hospitality Studies Course in order to accommodate trainees who found it impossible to travel to other skills centres. In that same year, 2002, the first centre on the eastern part of the Island opened its doors in the Mabouya Valley. Due to a lack of funds the Mabouya Valley Centre was temporary closed for two terms, January 2006 – June 2006, and was reopened again in September 2006.

Also in 2002 the Government of recognized the impact and value of the C.A.R.E. programme and requested the implementation of the first year ADP programme into the formal school system around St. Lucia. The ADP was then initiated in the three schools: the Vieux Fort Technical School, on a part-time basis, the Rockhall Sr. Primary School and later the Ciceron Secondary School as part of the curriculum.

2003 saw the mark of the tenth (10th) year anniversary of the existence of an organization that has impacted significantly on the education system in St. Lucia and continues to be demanded by many communities around St. Lucia.

Br. Dominic retired as Executive Director in 2004 after eleven years of unbroken service as Director and was officially named Founder of C.A.R.E. After a short period of illness he died on the 20th May, 2006.

Due to the dilapidated condition of both the Vigie Skills Centre and Castries ADP Centre, both centres amalgamated to form one large centre in Odsan, Castries in September 2006. This centre is called the Odsan Centre.


Founder's Biography

br-dominic.jpgOn the day after Christmas 1927 in a small town in Ireland, a new born baby boy let out his first cry. He was the 3rd in a family of 8 children, 7 boys and 1 girl. Baptized Patrick, the name of the patron saint of Ireland, the journey of Bro. Dominic began.

He attended the local primary school were he did extremely well both in the classroom and also on the sports field. He became fascinated by the Presentation Brothers and decided to do his secondary education with them. When he had completed, he entered the novitiate and took his first vows in 1947. Immediately afterwards he went to Teacher’s Training College and excelled again. After completing, he took up his first teaching appointment in one of the Brother’s school in Ireland where he taught and organized games from 1949 – 1956.

Never one to sit and do nothing, Bro. Dominic was also studying and earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree during this time. He was keenly interested in going to the Missions and volunteered in 1956 to go to the West Indies. He arrived in Trinidad in September of that year and took up his duties at Presentation College San Fernando. He plunged himself into the life of the school, not only the classroom but also in the Legion of Mary and school games.


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